June 29, 2016 - July 1, 2016

Workshop Wroclaw

Characteristics of the study case Wrocław:

The study case area of Huby is located in the south-east of old town of Wrocław. Bordered by Hubska street in the west, a new housing are in the south and the railroad infrastructure in the north-east the area hosts several different functions e.g. housing, retail, business, commerce activities, allotment gardens, workshops, a creative centre but as well neglected green areas and fallow land.

Interestingly, the ownership structure on the site allows addressing challenges for urban development of the area by including a limited amount of stakeholders. Polish rails, PKP, the main owner of a considerable amount of neglected area on the site, is the key stakeholder in order to realize a change of use in the vicinity of Huby district.

The problem statement for the study case site is: How to transform the area in a sustainable way to both take into account the excellent location towards the city centre, the potential for establishing a green area within, the functional mix surrounding and the economic perspective for the PKP in order to capitalize on the area.

Please find the results of the workshop in the final report available in the download-section of this site.