October 4, 2017 - October 5, 2017

Workshop Vienna

Affordable and Social Housing in Vienna

Based on the great interest in the Vienna Model, which was introduced to representatives from Ljubljana during a CapaCity workshop in May 2017, a follow-up workshop was organized in Vienna to provide a wider group of Slovenian housing experts with information on Vienna’s approach towards affordable and social housing. In October 2017, a delegation of 50 representatives came to the urban development area Lake city Aspern to discuss housing funding, subsidies, building costs and other financial matters in terms of social or limited profit housing. The delegation covered a wide range of housing experts from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, real estate companies in Novo Mesto and Celje, the public housing funds of the city of Ljubljana and the Municipalities of Koper and Maribor, the housing fund of the City of Nova Gorica, the real estate institute, the Real estate pension and disability insurance fund, the Housing Fund of the Republic of Slovenia, the Housing company Konjice as well as the Municipality of Dom┼żale.

Following introductions on the Vienna Model, limited profit housing, and active land policy in Vienna, the group had the chance to learn more about the Lake city Aspern and to have a closer look at some of the building projects in Vienna’s largest urban development area. Also, the delegation visited two subsidized housing projects in Sonnwendviertel, where they could discuss design and financial matters with the responsible architects and developers.