May 31, 2017 - June 1, 2017

Workshop Ljubljana

Insight into the Vienna Model of Social Housing –
Implications for Ljubljana

Due to limited public funding for public housing project in Ljubljana, there is still a lack of affordable flats for more than 4000 citizens, who are currently on the waiting list. Successful programmes, like the Anti-Eviction Programme, prove that Ljubljana follows a promising strategy in order to avoid homelessness and to improve the availability of social housing units, but the absence of a systematic funding system and of cooperative housing lead to difficulties in setting up and implementing large-scale social housing projects.

Therefore, the City of Vienna was invited for a CapaCity workshop in order to present the “Vienna Model” as a successful approach towards affordable housing and to offer Ljubljana some insight into legal regulations, strategies, housing development planning and recent projects in Vienna. Also, the Austrian system of public utility and limited profit housing associations as well as Vienna’s active land policy and housing development competitions were presented. The representatives of both cities exchanged know-how and discussed the possibility to transfer successful projects and strategies from Vienna to the Ljubljana housing system.

Building on recent developments towards establishing a housing cooperative in Ljubljana and based on the workshop discussions, it was recommended to set up housing cooperatives, such as limited profit housing associations, in Ljubljana, in order to improve the availability of affordable housing units. Also, a change of funding regulations from object to subject funding was suggested, so more funds would be available for new housing infrastructure. Another recommendation was the integration of public housing into the urban development plan; this allows the city to determine the number of subsidized flats on a higher regulative level. Finally, suitable EU programmes were discussed as sources for extra funding of housing projects.

In order to gain further insight into the “Vienna Model” a study visit of Ljubljana’s housing experts in Vienna was suggested. Also, both cities will continue working on the topic of affordable housing within international programmes, such as Eurocities.