September 26, 2017 - September 27, 2017

Workshop Györ

Smart Mobility in the Cities and Regions of centrope

Sustainability in cities is a major issue for the future. The infrastructure that we build today affects the we plan, perceive and use cities for decades to come. In times of declining resources and climate change, sustainability in all its interpretations is a crucial topic in talking about implementing new technologies.

At the same time cities are heterogenous melting pots, where different worldviews, styles and cultures and connect in order to form the beautiful chaos we call city. New technology changes these interactions in many ways and therefore causes new social realities including different mobility behaviours in cities.

The two-day workshop “Smart Mobility in the Cities and Regions of Centrope” in Györ brought together experts from municipal and regional administration, planning, urban and regional development professionals, transport & mobility experts, etc. to discuss technological innovations and disruptions that go along with the trends towards autonomous/automative-driving vehicles, e-mobility and new sharing models in the field of mobility. Questions how cities and regions actively adapt to the new trends and use innovations for their mobility policies were a main focus of the debate.

The workshop was not merely conceived as a seminar for the demonstration of Viennese know-how or as a platform for one-way knowledge transfer, but rather focused on a topic that is of high relevance for all cities of the Centrope area. At a wider, cross-border level, the debate at the workshop brought up again the issue of a better coordinated transport infrastructure and public transport policy. Given the increase in commuter traffic (often combined with an unfavourable modal split), the issue will need to be addressed with more energy in the future in order to ensure a sustainable development of the region.