November 15, 2016 - November 16, 2016

Workshop Galati

In Galati, two workshops were held, the first of which took place on November 15, 2016. One of its aims was to find a mutual interest in port optimization tools between Austrian experts, the port of Galati and the various port operators in place. Another was receiving feedback on the simulation model and the methodologies elaborated on in the project optihubs by the port of Vienna and partners.

The second workshop, held on November 16, 2016, aimed at identifying opportunities to establish an express boat connection from Galati to the Danube delta. Key questions addressed were: Which touristic opportunities are at hand for Austrian and Romanian companies interested in touristic products along the Danube? How can stakeholders start a pilot activity together?

Participants of the workshops: 

  • Participants from Vienna/Austria
    • TINA Vienna/Smart City Agency
    • Port of Vienna
    • Nast consulting
    • Central Danube Region Marketing & Development GmbH
    • DDSG Blue Danube
  • Participants from the Netherlands
    • Eurodite
  • Participants from Galati/Romania
    • City of Galati
    • Metaltrade srl.
    • APDM (Administration of Maritime Ports [land owner of the port of Galati]
    • UPIR – Union of Romanian Inland Ports
    • Touristic operators, hotel owners, tourist agencies, ferry operators, quay management authorities etc.