November 20, 2017 - November 21, 2017

Workshop Bucharest

Open Data from the Perspective of Data Protection

KDZ and the EU Strategy for the Danube Region, PA 10-Vienna has started a series of activities in order to support and strengthen the capacities of land register and cadastre systems in the Danube Region. Efficient land register and cadastre structures are the preconditions for legal security and anti-corruption in the field of real estate transactions and electronic registers and cadastre are the basis for GIS.

Workshops on land register and cadastre in Vienna (2016) and Belgrade (2017) have shown that the quality of data and the public access to land register and cadastre have been considered as most relevant for improvement. This led to intense discussions on open data issues and its contribution and importance for geographical information systems. Data sharing contributes to openness and transparency and spatial data in particular is crucial for monitoring and fostering innovation. Therefore spatial data should be made available at the right level of governance. To overcome challenging legal and technical issues training and experience exchange are vital for developing the capacity on open government and open data in the Danube Region. Thus the impact of the EU Data Protection Directive (2016/680), which has to be transposed into national law by May 2018, has been identified as very important for further examination and common activities. In this context and as a result of the Belgrade Workshop it was decided to organize a workshop on this topic together with the National Agency for Cadastre and Land Registration of Romania (ANCPI) and again in close cooperation with PA 10 of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region.