October 4, 2016 - October 5, 2016

Workshop Brno - Integrated planning in metropolitan agglomerations of the Centrope countries

Although it is not a fully functional region itself, the Centrope area can be described as a polycentric region in which functional urban agglomerations of different sizes play an ever growing role for regional development. The pace and patterns of recent urban growth have triggered the rise of a metropolitan scale of development and infrastructure. As a result, most cities now span several municipal and other political territories. At the same time, these urbanised areas are emerging into integrated or functional labour markets and single communities of common assets and potentially shared interests. More residents of metropolitan areas now adopt an “urban mindset”. Therefore, it is essential to foster the strategies, governance and instruments that can manage this metropolitan development in a sustainable and effective way.

The workshop “Integrated planning in metropolitan agglomerations of the Centrope countries”, was organised through the CapaCity programme on initiative of the Priority Area Coordination 10 (“Institutional Capacities”) of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region, based in Vienna, in close cooperation with the host city Brno, holding the presidency of the Centrope partnership in 2016. It brought together experts from municipal and regional administration, planning, urban and regional development professionals, transport & mobility experts, representatives of transport companies etc. During the first day, themes and trends related to strategy and spatial planning on a metropolitan level were discussed, while the second day focused on integrated transport planning.