November 13, 2017 - November 14, 2017

Workshop Athens

City Cooperation Athens - Vienna

Based on Vienna’s long-term cooperation with the City of Athens, a workshop was set up as part of the CapaCity programme in order to tackle pressing issues in urban planning.

The workshop sessions were strongly focusing on specific problems and possible solutions for Athens but also on exchanging know-how and getting to know each city’s best practices within the fields of cycling, energy production and small scale interventions. Also, possible next steps to remodel the area of Eleonas, a “hidden” quarter in Athens that does not receive a lot of political attention, were discussed.

Concerning all these fields, experts from both cities offered a detailed insight into the framework and restrictions within the city and discussed possible solutions in order to cope with local problems.

In the field of urban cycling, it was recommended to establish a step-by-step implementation approach for an urban cycling network, following Vienna’s strategy in this field. Also the implementation of a mixed bike sharing system with both fix-station and free-floating bike systems was discussed as an option for the City of Athens.

In terms of renewable energy use it was recommended to develop a citizen solar power plant located on the roof of a school. This could work as a show case for future projects.

In order to develop small scale interventions within the city, experts from Vienna and Athens came to the conclusion that it is crucial to work on community building and to strengthen community networks. Also, international best practices for temporarily using skeleton buildings can function as role models in order to generate ideas for Athens.

For the quarter of Eleonas, it was recommended to remodel and widen the green areas in Eleonas and solve the problem of borders that separate Eleonas form the rest of Athens by setting up a stakeholder process.