December 8, 2015 - December 11, 2015

1st Workshop Gdansk

In the framework of the CUPA project (Cooperative Urban Planning Approaches), the 9th Implementation Lab workshop was held from Wednesday 9th, until Friday 11th December 2015 in Gdańsk (Poland). The case study focused on the development of public space in important areas of Gdańsk, specifically the new campus area between Gdansk and Olivia Business Centre.  
The case study area offered tricky but interesting conditions for the CUPA Implementation Lab (IL): the rather introverted Campus of the University of Gdańsk prevents an open and well-functioning connection with the surrounding urban fabric. The exchange of impressions and ideas on what the focus of the Implementation Lab should be, lead to the decision to focus the CUPA IL on the area of the University Campus with an urgent character.

This was an ideal issue for a problem statement for the CUPA Implementation Lab, given the rather under-used qualities of the area and the urgent need for an innovative strategy that could transform the area surrounding the University Campus into a vibrant public space. The problem statement was formulated as follows:

  • How to set up the key elements which enhance the quality of the public spaces and contribute to the development of the whole area; (spatial concept)
  • What are the preferred functions in the designated area (what new features should appear and what you should not enter); (spatial concept)
  • How to create a network of relations (nodes and connections) which will take the full advantage of existing strengths with focus on the proposed new activities in the area; (process)
  • What would be the decision making criteria for the designated area? (process)
  • How to creation an Oliwa city centre that exploits the potentials of the area best. (process)

The reports attached give further background information on the case study site and present the results of the CUPA Implementation Lab.