The CapaCity – Urban Competences program pursues a deepened international cooperation between the City of Vienna, its organizations and other cities. Several initiatives in the Danube region have already promoted the cooperation and intensification of social and economic exchange between countries, regions and cities (f.i. the enlargement of the European Union in 2004 & 2007; the establishment of the European Strategy for the Danube Region). Nevertheless, the City of Vienna now focuses on the internationalization of organizations and companies in order to generate common project ideas. Integrated urban development as a holistic smart city approach is the main aspect of future activities within the CapaCity program, but the Municipal Department for European Affairs (MA 27), as initiator of the program, also pursues to widen the range of topics for city cooperations.

As intensified European integration is one aspect of the program, the City of Vienna has been host to rising numbers of delegations and municipal experts, who are interested in urban strategies and technologies applied in Vienna. CapaCity will build on opportunities generated by this international interest and will strive to sustain contacts and increase exchanges with regard to urban technologies and strategies.

The following activities within the CapaCity project are designed to support Viennese companies and organisations in deepening internationalization and activities in CEE and SEE:

  • Organization of workshops in selected cities and towns with participation of Viennese stakeholders. The main aim of these workshops is follow-up activities.
  • Coordination and collection of statistics of visiting delegations and experts to Viennese organisations and companies with particular interest in Viennese urban solutions.
  • Representation at events relevant for smart city expert networks & cooperation ideas.
  • Research and collection of relevant challenges for future urban development with regard to important cross-border and transnational projects and attractive co-financing instruments.
  • Development of project ideas, informed by municipal expert exchange on the basis of organized workshops in CapaCity partner cities.

Diverse sectors and topics are relevant for workshops within CapaCity, which are based on issues addressed in the Smart City Vienna framework strategy: radical resource preservation, innovations/new technologies, balanced quality of living. CapaCity is also open for a variety of concrete topics, such as integration and diversity policies, PPPs (private-public partnerships) for cities and municipalities, urban mobility and transport planning, strategies for tourism development or urban development visions. The ruling principle of the workshops is the mutual benefit for both the host city and the City of Vienna and its organizations.

The format of workshops is based on a successfully tested methodology taken from the predecessor project CUPA – Cooperative Urban Planning Approaches. The CUPA booklet, which can be found in the Downloads section, gives an overview on workshops from 2009 until 2015 and introduces the methodology used in the CapaCity program.